I never in my life thought that my husband and I would ever own a large property, let alone acreage in Northern California. I have always loved to garden, but our first home sat on a very small lot. Before we knew it, the outside was covered in beautiful flowers, but our yard was definitely bursting at the seams. I knew I wanted more land to garden, but I did not know how or if that would ever happen. In 2018 we saw this property that had been on the market for quite some time and I said, we need to look at this place. Once we got to the property, my husband and I fell in love. The cute old couple that lived here since day one really took care of this old 1941 farmhouse and 1916 barns. Our dream to own land was really coming true.

Once we closed and got the keys to the property we immediately started working to get it cleaned up. After a year of cleaning and getting it to a fresh starting point, we said “now what?” “Let’s start an organic unique flower & foliage farm” and so that dream came alive. There is something about taking a seed or a little plant and giving it a wonderful organic life. Being able to watch the bees buzz through the flower beds, the butterflies gracefully flutter from one flower to the next just warms my heart. It took a few bumps in the road to get here, but we finally made it and I am smiling from ear to ear. Our dream came true and it’s now our favorite place.

Zinnia Fields

Zinnia Fields